Steven Rogelberg, Ph.D.

Engagement with Organizations

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Train and coach your leaders to run meaningful meetings leveraging the surprising science of meetings and evidence-based practices. Target audiences include individual leaders, executives, new and existing management, boards, high-potential leaders, departments, teams, and more. I also have partnered with Lucid Meetings to create an affordable online course around leader blindspot in meetings.



Administer a diagnostic and meeting culture assessment to help your organization reflect upon and improve their meetings. which drives numerous other improvements innovation, productivity to employee engagement. Identify actions and interventions that can drive meeting success for leaders, teams, business units, and the organization as a whole. Build a meeting metrics dashboard to monitor meeting investment and drive accountability.



Keynote addresses and presentations. The venues are highly diverse including professional associations (e.g., SHRM, YPO), retreats, corporate and team events, and non-profit conferences. This work takes place both domestically and internationally (Asia, Europe, South America, Middle-East). Audiences range from small (15 people) to very large (8K people). 


Other Consulting Topics and Engagements

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Leadership development/coaching

  • Employee engagement

  • Innovation and design thinking

  • Organizational change

  • Talent management



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