Common Huddle Topics (Pick One to Three) 

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 When, Where, and How? 

____ Is ten or fifteen minutes in length 

____ Occurs at the same time each day (or every other day) 

____ Is best done in the morning 

____ Occurs in the same place, typically 

____ Often occurs standing up, if possible

Keeping Things in Line 

____ Start and end on time 

____ Remind everyone about the goals of the huddle and why they are being done 

____ Create huddle rules (e.g., succinct communication) 

____ Remind people of huddle rules 

____ Create “magic time” when rollover discussion occurs 

____ Evaluate periodically 


____ Invite others to provide input into the huddle design 

____ Usually involves the same people 

____ Attendance is generally mandatory 

____ If folks can’t attend in person, they attend remotely 

____ Be sure all attendees are talking to each other, not just the leader 

____ Rotate leadership occasionally 

The Last Ingredient 

____ Try to have fun with huddles